What’s Mine is Yours

by Copper Rose

“What’s left in the cupboard?"

“Three cans of beets, two cans of corned beef hash, half a jar of rice, and five of those big bags of pinto beans…"

“Bags of pinto beans?"

“Andy gave them to me. They’re from the food pantry, up on the hill."

“We can eat them?"

“I’ll have to go online…oh that’s right. I can’t get online because the power is out and the router don’t work."

“They got instructions on the package?"

Nancy pawed through the cupboard and hauled one of the packages of pinto beans onto the counter. “Yep. There’s instructions. These’ll last us awhile."

“How many servings in a package?"


“What else is in the cupboard?"

“Pineapple, mandarin oranges, a bottle of vinegar, a jar of molasses."

“Any of those little canned wieners?"

“No, but there’s some sardines in mustard sauce."

There was a knock on the door and then they heard their neighbor’s voice. “Nancy? Eddie? You in there? I heard you talking."

Eddie’s eye went wide. “It’s Dorian.” He slashed his finger across his throat, his lips pressed tight as he shook his head at Nancy. Nancy ducked down at the edge of the counter with only the white tips of her fingers poking over the top.

“What are you doing?" Eddie bent down and whispered between clenched teeth.

“Didn’t want Dorian to see me."

“She can’t see into this room. There’s no window."

“Oh." Nancy wasn’t whispering anymore.

“I can hear you in there." Dorian was jiggling the door knob.

Eddie shook his head and pressed his index finger to his lips.

“Okay. I’ll come back later."

Eddie and Nancy could hear the sound of footsteps, at first loud and then quieter and then gone altogether.

“She’s pretending," Eddie whispered.

“She wants our food," Nancy answered.

Eddie nodded in agreement. He slowly opened the kitchen drawer in front of him. Nancy nodded as he carefully withdrew the loaded revolver.

“She’s not going to get our food is she?" Nancy said.

Eddie shook his head and quietly made his way to the flimsy wooden kitchen door. He held the gun at chest level and fired five times. They never heard Dorian fall. Eddie bent down and peered through the crack. No sunlight shone through. Dorian’s body was blocking the light.

“Do we just leave her there?" Nancy asked.

“Forget about her. What else is in the cupboard?"

“Pancake mix, crackers, cereal, a container of oatmeal, tuna fish, a jar of coconut oil."

“Any powdered milk?"