We wanted to give a quick update on our schedule; we will be finishing up with the submissions for the initial Release very soon, and wanted to extend our thanks to everyone who submitted work.  It looks like our timetable for March is going to be pushed back a couple weeks, but our first Release should be out by the beginning of April.

We are very excited to see our author's work published, so check back soon!

     We're thrilled with the submissions we are receiving so far, thank you so much to everyone that has sent in their work!  There is still plenty of time to send in your original works of horror, so please head over to our Submissions page and check it out. 



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Welcome to Jakob's Horror Box! Our goal is to put together periodic, online Releases  (probably quarterly) of horror fiction submitted by talented writers.  For the inaugural Release, we are looking for four to five pieces that follow the requirements listed on the submissions page.  Hopefully we can work together to put together a thriving community of up and coming horror authors!

Submissions are coming in, don't miss your chance to be included in our first Release!