If it was possible for a dog to look surprised, this one did when I reached over the back fence and grabbed it’s little pink collar, hoisting it up and over, into my waiting arms. It suddenly went very quiet and I wondered if it had been trained to be silent when held. I climbed back up the ivy-covered embankment and wandered along the path towards the tunnel.

Maisy – that’s what the name tag on the collar said – was trembling by the time I got back to the tunnel. It wasn’t cold so I don’t understand why but the little thing was shaking as if it knew it was going to get eaten.

I crossed straight over to the freezer and lifted the lid, hearing the same sucking sound as I had the first time. It was like I could feel the excitement coming from the freezer, the need to be fed transmitting to me as I dangled the little dog over the open mouth. Maisy yelped when I dropped her inside, her little feet made scratching, scrabbling sounds as she pawed at the plastic inside. I watched her, smiling, for a moment before I let the lid fall shut with the same echoing thump.

“Thank you!" That echo said.

I walked home, satisfied I’d been able to feed the freezer and sat down to watch some television. When mum got home we had fish and chips. It was nice.

*     *     *

“Are you going to meet some friends today?" Mum asked the following day.

“Yeah," I lied easily. “Me and Pete are going to do some stuff at the library then go to the beach."

“Okay Brice," she said with a smile. “You’re a good kid."

Ten minutes after she left for work I was on my way to the tunnel. I went inside with that sense of excitement nearly ready to burst from my chest. It stood there, untouched as I’d hoped it would and I approached it, shaking with need. My fingers trembled like Maisy had the day before when I trailed them along the cold surface of the freezer. My breath came in little gasps, my eyes felt as if they were going to pop I’d opened them so wide. I fed my fingers through the plastic handle and lifted, my tummy clenching in anticipation when I heard the sucking sound. I looked inside to see a grey lump huddled in one corner.

“Maisy?" I said softly.

Nothing moved. The dog remained motionless. I reached in and poked her, there was no response at all. My abdomen throbbed deeply as my erection strained against my jeans. I leaned against the freezer, feeling the cool hardness against my own. Waves of delight flowed through me and I opened my fly, releasing my hard length. I closed the lid, trapping my erection gently between the rubber lips.

When my orgasm hit I nearly passed out from sheer ecstasy and doubled over the freezer, stroking myself against the lid for ages.

I eventually left and did go to the beach, leaving Maisy in the freezer to rot as I swam and ogled the bikini clad girls that cavorted in the sand.

*     *     *

That first time was years ago now. I’ve been back to the freezer so many times since then she’s nearly full. Maisy’s remains must still be under all the other animals I’ve fed to her over the years but she’s hungry. So hungry!

I live on my own now, got myself a flat in a block that’s filled with other people. None of them have guessed my secret and the young woman who lives across from me has actually shown some interest. She’s got a little girl. A curly headed four year old with big brown eyes.

I wonder how long she would keep the freezer fed for?

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