After a few seconds of fighting, something warm filled my body. The venom. Those fangs. Son of a bitches dug deep. I became woozy and docile, and the desire to resist fled. I slipped into a daze and the serpent made its move and began to swallow me. Its jaws expanded, and its mouth wiggled around my feet. It wobbled back and forth, and the muscles pulled my body down its throat. I laid paralyzed, just watching it eat me. I tried to scream and cuss at it, but I might as well have been a statue. Nothing moved. It was now at my hips It continued to swallow me, and I gazed into its eyes. They were lifeless, uncaring, cold. Anger flooded my being again. Assholes. The entire lot of them. The she-bitch, the red hooded wanna be imperial guard looking motherfuckers, and the asshole in black. Oh yeah, and their fucking demon eating my soul. Rage seized my body. My soul grew livid. I burned hot at these cult motherfuckers. I already experienced the first death. Who knows what’s next. Before it swallowed my head, I gazed up at the tree just in time to see another branch appear.

*     *     *     *     *

My soul descended into the Tetromet. The walls of the serpent’s insides squeezed every part of me. Claustrophobia set in, and all remained dark around me. After a few moments, the paralysis left and the sensation of falling hit me. It’s so dark, I couldn’t tell if I was falling or if this was just a mindfuck. To try and catch my bearings, I decided just to keep my head down. Below me, I saw a small twinkle of light, like a star in the night sky. I then noticed the faint smell of sulfur. It stunk; like a burning trash heap.

My gaze never left the twinkle of light. I stared at it, watching it increase in size. The smell of burning trash got stronger. A few more moments passed, and I realized the twinkling star was really a pit of fire.

I didn’t get a chance to be afraid. My feet hit first, and then my entire body became submerged. I entered the fire, and everything went dark again. I either went blind, or all light fled. Then the pain hit. Wonderful suffering. Isn’t that what he gives? There are no words in any language to articulate a sensation like your skin was being removed with razor blades while being stabbed with millions of needles. And it burns. Oh God how it burns! If there is a more intense word for screaming, or yelling, or shrieking, then that’s what I did. The echoes of my pain rose in a demented chorus with all the other souls the Tetromet devoured.

Whenever I went to pass out from the pain, a new wave of suffering billowed over me. In the darkness, I felt hands all over me. I felt claws; I felt bites. I heard the Tetromet calling my name over and over. In the belly of this beast there is suffering. In his gut, there is a bile that eats away your soul. In the Tetromet, you become the fuel that empowers evil.