Despite what some may say, look beyond their "compassion".

They'd sooner strike you down in turn.

In defense or not, hatred remains, its force clear.

It speaks above all others, plodding on until all "rights" itself.

Hate is truly the easiest feeling out there.

It flows through the world as well, its presence subtly known.




Such is existence, made to cultivate it upon humanity.

Whether it comes from trivial or grand circumstances, it lingers on.

So long as people have things which anger them, so shall hatred flow freely.

They're all cruel, spiteful creatures, if pushed beyond their limits.

We're all cruel, spiteful creatures in that way.

The only difference is in how we process it.




You've held your hatred deep inside you for ages.

You've let it grow hard and fierce, all encompassing.

It's festered within you, letting you see through the others' facade.

It's a strangely grand feeling, one born of admission.

Though you dare not speak it just yet, you know the truth.

You know of humanity's true worthlessness.

When the time comes, so shall you reveal it to all others.




That's all there is to it.

They're all just your targets.

They're nothing to you, just as you are to them.

They deserve to perish under hatred's might.

It's only natural, after all.

Only an indication of their true "worth".

Only the way of our brutal, bleak world.

That's why it flows so freely.

That's why hatred is the easiest emotion of all.




It's always been there.

It'll always be there.

So long as humanity exists, so will strife.

So long as strife exists, so will those seeking retribution.

And so will hatred, in all its guises.

And so will those like yourself, wielders of its true power.

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