A Sociopath's Screed

by Michelle Vongkaysone


It's so easy to hate, isn't it?

It's the "freest" emotion there is.

The other ones have a sort of price to them.

To you, they require conscious effort to mine.

Fear, compassion, love, vulnerability don't come "cheap".

They require a certain trust in others, in the world itself.

But that's not for you, now is it?



No, you refuse to "give in" to such foolishness.

You know it's not really worth it, after all.

When one makes themselves known, they're just open to attack.

You're not for that sort of life, are you?

No, no, you are not.

You've suffered enough as is.

You want to pay it forward.



Hate's the easiest feeling of all, isn't it?

It requires no mindful effort on your part.

At least, to your particular mind.

Hate seems to flow freely in your being.

Bitterness paints your thoughts so well.

It's like a second sense to you.

It's always been there.



You see through the lies and deceptions.

So long as humanity is spiteful, so shall you be.

You're just paying it forward, after all.

All people are so inclined, if pushed to their limit.

In the long run, nothing else is really worth it.

So long as you get yours back, it's all natural.

They're nothing to you, just as you are to them.



If they have the gall to attack, strike them back.

It's only natural, after all.

That's what they get for exploiting your very being.

They should've known what was coming.

How would they have acted under such stress, then?

Would they have tried to be kind and reasonable?

Or would they have struck back, unleashing their own venom?


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