“You have no idea," said Matt through a full mouth, “how much you miss this shit when you can't get it.”

“Maybe," said Glen, “but you won't miss the shits it's gonna give you." They were in mcdonalds, wolfing down the cheapest burgers from the value menu. Glen was one of Matt’s closest friends, though they’d only met a year before. Glen had been there through the split, when most of Matt’s oldest friends had abandoned him.  

“I'd go months without eating this," said Matt, “but as soon as I can't have it, it's all I want."

“How's it going out there? You settled in yet?"

“Getting there," said Matt through a filter of bread, beef and cheese. “Still not unpacked, but I’m liking it there. Peaceful. No drama, no rush, no break ins."

“No Melissa," added Glen, knowing it was being said without being spoken.

“No Melissa," confirmed Matt with a sardonic smile. “No psychotic, manipulative, headcase bitches at all actually." They both raised their wax paper Coke cups for a silent cheers, and Matt continued. “Yeah, it's good. I'm getting a lot done. Finally read Stiller’s new book."

“Any good?"

“Nah, it's crap. He's a tool. The house is great though, you gotta come out for the weekend some time."

“Yeah, definitely. Wait, you got cable and Internet and all that, right?"

“Yeah," said Matt, “of course!"

“Okay then, yeah. Definitely."

“Nice, thanks," said Matt, feigning offense. “I should feed you to my neighbour’s dogs."

“Big, mean fuckers, are they?" Asked Glen, stuffing limp fries into his mouth. Matt knew him to be an animal lover, and he had a small dog of his own named Noogies.

“Not sure," said Matt. “Never seen them. They sound big."

“Hang on," said Glen, his brow furrowed. “You’ve been out there six weeks now and you’ve never seen them once?"

“Nope, just hear them. They go apeshit every once in a while, barking, howling growling."

“That's fucked up," said Glen. “Dogs need to run, they need to get out and get fresh air or they get crazy."

“Yeah I know," said Matt. “They sound crazy. They kind of freak me out too, they sound dangerous."