“Wait, Harlan. I think I heard another knock on the door."

“It’s probably that crazy, bloody girl again. I wish she’d just do us all a favor and go home and get naked."

“I’d better open the door,” said Lester standing up. “Whoever is out there, sounds like they’re gonna kick it in."

*     *     *     *     *

“Connor, in all my thirty years as a park ranger, I’ve never seen anything like it," said Mr. Jude, staring at something. He wiped his nose with the back of his hands and made a face. My contact at Hawaii PD said we could have a look at the crime scene just as long as we don’t disturb anything. But, now that I see it, I’m more than a little bit sorry we took him up on his offer."

“I agree, Mr. Jude," said Connor. “This is beyond creepy. It’s not possible, yet their bodies- or what’s left of their bodies- look like they were incinerated from the inside out, leaving only their skin, burnt to a crisp. That, combined with the smell of Sulphur and incinerated flesh, makes me want to vomit." Connor started to gag, but caught himself.

“God knows how a fire could burn this way," said Mr. Jude. “The stools they were sitting on are untouched, as well as everything else in this room. Nothing but the baked bodies is singed in the slightest."

“Yeah," said Connor. “It’s so weird. Like you said, nothing around them is burned. Yet, the bottom halves of their corpses are perfectly preserved. Down to the laces on their sneakers. And, I just noticed that all of the crispy hairs on their legs are standing straight up."

“You’re right, Connor. Clearly, they were terrified beyond belief and knew they were about to die. Poor bastards." Mr. Jude leaned over. “By the jagged marks on their waists, it looks like something ripped their top halves off in…one…motion. Almost as if jaws came down on top of them and munched on them like a piece of fried chicken."

Connor started to heave. He staggered backwards as if he was about to faint.

“If you can’t handle the goriness, Connor, my boy. I’ll understand," said Mr. Jude. “But you’re going to have to wait outside ‘til I’m finished."

Connor wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. “No. No. Mr. Jude. Please let me stay. I can handle it."

“Then collect yourself, son."

“I…I’m fine now, Mr. Jude. I…I was just wondering about their heads?" Connor motioned to the two heads sitting on top of the 3D Printer. “Their mouths have shiny lava rocks stuffed in them, like stuffed Hogs on a spit or something."

“Maybe so, Connor, maybe so," said Mr. Jude. “Certainly, only the killer knows. It would go along with…the…the stakes… ‘er spears, running through their anal cavities. I’ve seen spears similar to these at the Bishop Museum. Native Hawaiians used to fish with them…but not roast pigs. This time, whoever did this, speared men. Right into the anal cavity, and most likely, up through the chest. What a terrible, terrible thing. Whoever did this to them truly must have hated them for some reason. But, I can’t imagine why. Everyone liked Harlan and Lester."

“Do…you…think that they suffered, Mr. Jude?" asked Connor.

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