Looking through spyhole was moot. Couldn't see a thing in the darkness. Only had to trust the voice coming from beyond the door. Only had to trust a woman's voice and assume that it was my wife's—a woman I had shared kit and hearth for the past eight years.

"John! Do it fast!"

"Wait, Karin. I am opening."

In the silence of the house, the dead bolt thudded like my death gong. I unchained the door and rotated the knob. Something jumped at me through the darkness. I stumbled behind barely managing to maintain balance. A whiff of jasmine assailed my nostrils and I knew. It was my frightened wife.

"What's happening?" said Karin.

"I don't know," I said, barely feeling the coldness of her hand.

"I brought a friend," said Karin looking out. "Come."

The woman I had met in the garden came inside. In the dim glow of the candlelight, I could discern that her eyes showed only blackness. Two dark heads protruded from her neck. A third one jutted out from the top of her head. The four heads opened their mouths and grinned. They all displayed serrated teeth.

Karin's grip on my hand tightened. "Oh my God! What's that—"

She didn't finish her question, for the four headed woman launched at me and then all was darkness.

*     *     *

Blip. Blip. Blip.

"John? Can you hear me? John?"

I opened my eyes. Karin's pale face hovered over me.

"My hero," she said.

Hero? I thought.

"You were wonderful darling," she said. "They are keeping your in observation for a day only. Then we can go home."

The door to the room opened and a policeman walked in.

"So you have been much help for catching the serial killer," he said.

"Serial killer?" I said.

"Our neighbour," said Karin. "She was responsible for the string of deaths in the neighbourhood. If it wasn't for you she would have killed us too."

"All DNA analyses point out that the woman who attacked you Mr. John was the killer," said the inspector.

"You were magnificent darling. You just bashed her up with your bat," said Karin.

A dryness welled inside me. Was it really me? Did I really do it? Could I have that much capability?

"It's getting dark," I said.

"Don't joke," said Karin. "It's sunny like Spain."

A dark head poked out of from my sleeve.

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