• All work must be original to the author and related to the horror genre.
  • Stories can be meant to scare, funny, supernatural, realistic, or basically any variation as long as it is horror themed.
  • No novel excerpts will be accepted.
  • Multiple and simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but only one work per author per Release will be featured.  Please inform us if your work has been accepted somewhere else first. 
  • Violence and profanity is acceptable (and often expected), but no "torture porn" or anything glorifying the mistreatment of women or minorities will be accepted.
  • There is no strict word limit, but the longer the work, the less likely it will be featured.  Somewhere around the two thousand word mark is a good target.
  • Please send all work in the body of an email to the address provided.  No attachments will be opened. 
  • All rights remain with the authors.

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If the link does not work for you, please send submissions to jhbsubmissions@gmail.com