The stairs were luminescent steps of twinkling snow. She crunched her way down each one, slipping twice and nearly falling a third. The basement itself was frozen over. Could rent this place out as a hockey rink. Guess Laura wasn't full of shit, just wrong about where the shit would go.  

She gingerly put her feet on the icy floor and immediately fell on her ass. “Fuck. Bitch. Cunt. Fuck." Even through the blankets and layers it stung like Hell. She looked up, still cursing, and saw the freezer lording over her from across the room. She tried to stand and fell back down, wounding the other cheek. Oh, I'm coming over to ya, ya son-of-a-bitch.  

She braced herself for the cold and started sliding herself across the basement. The freezer loomed before her, accented by the clouds of her raspy breaths. Here, there was a tiny coating of snow that let her stand up. Her footing was still unsure, but she wasn't falling yet. Baby steps. Baby steps. She managed to make it to the freezer, still unsure of her footing. Knock, Knock, Benny. Here's Tory. She flipped the latch and swung the door open.  

Benny's body, frozen and forever grimacing, let gravity guide it right into Tory. Oh shit. Her blankets fell away, and she lost her footing, tackled to the ground by Benny's arctic corpse. She felt painful crunches over her body and fought to catch her breath. She was pinned to the ground by Benny’s blue corpse. Her back was starting to go numb as well as the front where Benny covered. Come on, Tory. Push!  

She put all her force into shoving the body off but couldn't feel her limbs enough to put power into them. I'm going to die here. No one's going to check up on us; I'm just the bitch, and he’s the anti-social pessimist. Her arms flopped to the ground and lay immobile. Unless. Laura! She’ll feel bad and come back. She better. The crazy bitch.

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