“You had to have done something wrong." Laura was back. She didn't know anything about disposing of dead bodies, but she knew about this. “This one came from the best witch I know. She said it summons blizzards like no one would believe."  

“Well, she’s wrong. There was no blizzard, and he made it home spick-and-span. Not to worry though, the petite boom-stick made up for it. Now, help me move him."

“Where the hell are you going to put him? Christ, there's so much blood."

“Hopefully there’s enough to finish these chairs, and I’m going to prop him up in the freezer in the basement. The old stand-up one he loved."

“What about when people come looking for him?"

“I’ll be long gone. Hiding him is just so I don’t have to look at him. I have the whole weekend before he doesn’t show up for work and people get suspicious. And, even if someone does come looking right away, I’ll be gone by tomorrow afternoon." Tory spoke like a robot; rehearsed and experienced.

“Cops? Investigations? They’ll track you down, Tory."

“I'll be in a whole ‘nother country by the time they get around to it."

“Christ. I’m going to be connected to you in so many ways." Laura was breaking out in beaded sweat.

“You’ll be the distressed friend who had no idea her best friend had gone crazy. You have gloves on. Give everything a nice wipe on the way out, and it’ll be fine." Despite Tory’s calm tone, lines of sweat continued to break out on Laura’s skin.

“There's still so many unknowns here, Tory."  

“Christ, woman, don't you think I know that? I dealt with this unknown when it came along," she spat, sending spit all over Benny's body between them. “I'll deal with others as they come. Now give me a hand.” Laura glanced at the door, but she didn’t have the courage to abandon her friend. With a gust of breath, they lifted the corpse.

The two remained silent except for the occasional grunt. The basement door was open, and they lined Benny up and shoved him down the stairs, listening to the moist thuds as he careened down the rickety steps. They exchanged a haggard and weary glance, sighing and going down the steps single file.  

The corpse was sprawled on the stone floor, legs bent at awkward angles. “If only he could've stretched like that in bed,” Tory said, letting out a chuckle at her own wit. Laura kept a grim face, fighting nausea. Tory lifted him by the legs like a wheelbarrow and dragged him over to the giant stand-up freezer, an ancient block Benny refused to get rid of because it had “character." How's this for fucking character, Benny?

They popped the latch door open. Fucking latch. A fucking latch of all things! Piece of old shit. He fit snugly inside, wisps of cold air blowing past his ears. “I'm surprised you didn't want to kill that woman he cheated with too," Laura wheezed out as she caught his body slouching forward, “then again, I’m surprised you didn’t kill him the first time he cheated on you."

“He didn't sleep with her," Tory answered, throwing her arms out to catch him too.

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