July 2017

Annie Liu

Gavin Ough

After school, Ough attended several colleges in pursuit of a horticultural qualification. Once qualified, he ended up in a career as a landscape operative and cleaner.

Eventually, tides turned on Ough and he decided to follow his dreams of being an author. Once affiliated with Serealities, his first book was eventually published and he spent the next few years working on his novels Poppy's Proposal and Time To Turn Back.

Currently living in the garden of England, Ough resides with his wife, youngest daughter, a grumpy Yorkshire Terrier, loving chocolate Labrador and four cats who do nothing but eat and whine.

email - gavin.ough@yahoo.com

Twitter - @gavinough1

Josh Williams

Josh Williams started writing in elementary school and never stopped.  He used to write about dragons and knights, but he moved on to darker things as he grew.  Recently graduated from college, he is finding job searching to be scarier than anything he's written.


John King

John King is a screenwriter with an Associate’s Degree in Theater from the College of Southern Maryland currently working on a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. His short story “How Did It Come to This?” was published by Story Shack Magazine in October of 2017. He was a former member of the RiverTowne Players theater. He assisted in the production of community theater shows Bugsy Malone, Seussical the Musical and Into the Woods. When he’s not writing, he’s discussing his characters and plotlines with his dog Lizzie.

You can contact him at johnnk1996@aol.com or find his profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-king-9a57b6138/

April 2017

N.D. Coley

N.D. Coley currently serves as an instructor of English at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Community College of Allegheny County, and the University of Phoenix. In his spare time, he laments the human condition, reads satire and dark, depressing literature, plays with his son, irritates is wife, and tries to keep a smile on his face. His work has recently appeared in Near to the Knuckle, Deadlights Horror Fiction Magazine, the Indiana Voice Journal, Corner Bar Magazine, Massacre Magazine, and Funny in Five Hundred.

Steve Carr

Steve Carr began his writing career as a military journalist and has had short stories published in Double Feature, Tigershark Magazine, The Wagon Magazine, CultureCult Magazine, Fictive Dream, Bento Box, Ricky's Back Yard, Visitant Literary Journal, The Drunken Llama, Sick Lit Magazine, Literally Stories, Noise Medium, Door is a Jar, Viewfinder, The Spotty Mirror and in the Dystopia/Utopia Anthology by Flame Tree Publishing, the 100 Voices Volume II anthology by Centum Press, the Winter's Grasp anthology by Fantasia Divinity Magazine and the Neighbors anthology by Zimbell House Publishing, among others. He has stories scheduled for publication in the Unbound III – Broken Chains anthology by daowen publications, the Waiting For a Kiss anthology by Fantasia Divinity Magazine, Centum Press 100 Tails Anthology and 67 Anthology. His plays have been produced in several states including Arizona, Missouri and Ohio. He is a 2017 Pushcart Prize nominee.

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown grew up in the deserts of Syria and now lives in the deserts of Nevada. Since his arrival in the New World, his work has appeared in Danse Macabre, The Haunted Traveler, Tales to Terrify, and The Golden Key. Gordon spends his time looking after his cats, of which he has none.